Truth About Chandigarh University Viral Video link Case!

Chandigarh University Viral Video link: Last year one of the cases like a Viral video of some Girls went so viral at Chandigarh that grasped the whole nation’s attention and it literally disturbed many minds and self-respects of girls. In Chandigarh University, the whole country and society is disturbed very strange incident of a college hostel girl making a video(Chandigarh University Viral Video link) of female classmates taking a bath and sending them MMS to male friends. What was the purpose and reason?

So let’s Find out what had happened and what is the truth behind this Chandigarh University Viral Video link!

Chandigarh University Viral Video link

Chandigarh University Viral Video link: Last year, a case of making videos of 60 girls taking a bath came to the fore in Mohali’s Chandigarh University. After this, the students in the university created a lot of ruckus in the campus. The high voltage drama went on for two days and the students sat on a dharna. The protest ended when the administration assured of action.

In this case, it was revealed that an Indian Army soldier was pushing the dormitory girls to make pornographic recordings. According to this disclosure, the accused girl recorded a film and transmitted it to a boy she knew, who then sent it to the army man. After this, this young man started blackmailing that more videos of girls should be sent. The video of this incident quickly went popular on social media.

You know How Mobile became the Reason?

Chandigarh University Viral Video link: In fact, the Chandigarh incident is a warning example of the distorted phase in which the mobile culture has now reached in the twenty-first century. It also shows what our self-centred young generation thinks, what is the meaning of culture for them and what and how are their methods of entertainment? He is probably not even ready to think about how the entire society is shaken by his heinous act. Not only this, in this epidemic of mobile addiction, the veil of modesty and obscenity has also almost collapsed.

The Girls Hostel of Chandigarh University in which all this scandal took place is a private university and was established only ten years back and comes under the state of Punjab. Most of these are students from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. The accused student is also originally from Himachal Pradesh and had ‘obscene friendship’ with two youths from her state.

Video of this incident surfaced

When it was discovered that inappropriate videos of certain ladies had gone viral, the students became enraged. When the students realised that no one else could do this save the students in their midst, the ground shifted beneath their feet. Nevertheless, district SSP Vivek Sheel Soni revealed that so far only one video of the accused has surfaced.

Rankaj Verma, the culprit in this case, was apprehended. Nonetheless, he was released after the Kharar court granted him regular bail. The judge granted his bail request after he posted a bail amount of one lakh rupees. He has been in judicial detention since September 18, 2022.

Investigation of the matter is necessary – Manisha Gulati

Punjab Women’s Commission Chairperson Manisha Gulati also took stock of the situation after reaching the university campus. She said, “I can understand the concern of the parents and want to assure them that the matter is being investigated by the police.” Made video. Whether he recorded videos of other girls or not is a matter of investigation.”

All the culprits will get strictest punishment: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor Arvind Kejriwal also had said about the case that those involved in the case would get the ‘harshest punishment’. Kejriwal tweeted, “Aggrieved daughters keep courage. We all are with you. Everyone have patience.”

Saying what the court granted bail

Let us remind you that after the prior hearing, the court delayed its verdict until October 6. The judge granted bail to the accused on Thursday, stating that he had no conversation with the female accused. Because of his photograph, he became involved in the case. The court of Judicial Magistrate Nidhi Saini stated in its ruling that no conversation between the current accused and the female accused was discovered.

The person who made the video viral arrested

Chandigarh University Viral Video link

Chandigarh University Viral Video link: On the other hand, according to the report, the accused student had sent the video of girls taking bath to a male friend sitting in Shimla, the young man uploaded the video on the internet, after which the police arrested him. As soon as the video went viral, there was a huge uproar in the Chandigarh University campus and a massive protest by girl students in the hostel. The girl students raised slogans of ‘We Want Justice’. During the protest, the police had to resort to lathicharge to disperse the students.

The College Administration Rejected the News of Viral Video!

Chandigarh University Viral Video link: Punjab’s Additional Director General of Police Gurpreet Dev told reporters that it appears the accused girl student shared a video of herself with the youth and no objectionable video of any other girl student has been found. University officials further refuted as “false and baseless” claims that claimed tapes were made and posted on social media of multiple female students in the university hostel, and that several students committed suicide as a result of the incident.

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But What Could be the Reason Behind this Act?

Chandigarh University Viral Video link: The big question here is also that why did the concerned girl student make such a video? It is not uncommon for a woman to bathe in a woman and to video record it, as long as it is not viewed through the malevolent gaze of a man. That’s why women’s bath houses and bathrooms are separate. In spite of that the girl student was making a video of it and sending it to her boyfriend, so there must have been some reason behind it. It could be some pressure or it could also be a part of a bigger conspiracy.

Many women in India are now knowingly or unknowingly becoming a part of the porn industry and earning money as well. This case may also be related to that. In the initial interrogation of the female warden of the hostel, the accused girl student kept hiding everything at first, but after making more pressure, she accepted her crime. He also told the names of his friends. On the other hand, when the police arrested those two alleged friends in Shimla, they say that all this was done through their fake accounts. What is the truth, it will be known in the cyber investigation of the case.

Now everyone’s eyes are fixed on the report of the inquiry committees in the matter. The Collector had immediately ordered a magisterial inquiry into the matter. Along with forming a team under the leadership of SDM, he was directed to submit the report in seven days. On the other hand, the university has also suspended two hostel wardens and has set up an inquiry. An investigation team of women officers has been formed under the leadership of ADGP Gurpreet Kaur.

The question is also that if a student was making such illegal videos, then why did the university administration not get the news about it? It is said that after the pornographic video was leaked, an international call was also received by a student of the university, in which the caller threatened the girl by saying that her video was also ready. If you don’t shut your mouth, we will make that too viral.


So, If we now want to do a little bit analysis about this Chandigarh University Viral Video link, then Verdict is clear that in today’s age either anyone do any plot or trying to take revenge by doing any kind of such thing is second matter but first is that to believe in anyone and send your personal details via social media can ruin your life too, Chandigarh University Viral Video link Case proves it! So it is our responsibility to never use Social media by this Stupidity and never share the personal details to anyone!

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