What are The 10 Must Know E Shram Card Benefits?

E Shram Card Benefits: The Ministry of Labor and Employment has developed an eSHRAM web portal to create a National Unorganized Workers (NDUW) database, which will be linked to Aadhaar cards. It will contain the details of the person’s name, occupation, address, type of business, educational qualification, skill type and family details etc., so as to boost their employability and extend the benefits of social security schemes.

Due to lack of correct information about the e-labor card scheme, most of the people remain confused about whether to make e-labor card or not. If you also want to get an e-labor card, then first of all you should know about its advantages and disadvantages. Come, here we provide complete information about What are The E Shram Card Benefits and E Shram Card disadvantages here.

Overview of E Shram Card Benefits 2023

Article Name  E Shramik Card Benefits
Name of Government  Government of India
Organization Name  Ministry of Labor & Employment
Portal Name  E-Shram Portal
Beneficiary  Indian Workers
Category  Sarkari Yojana
Apply Mode  Online
Year  2023
Official website  Click here


So before we going towards E Shram Card Benefits, Let’s first get into the E shram Card definition and meaning,.

What is E Shram Card?

The central government issues E labour/E shram cards to workers in all unorganised sectors. All workers will profit from the government’s facilities and initiatives as a result of this. The E Shram Card will serve as an identity card for all employees. This card is generated after all of their necessary documents have been verified on the portal. As a result, they merely need to display their e-labor card to benefit from any scheme.

To participate in e-Shram, all qualified workers and labourers must register on the e-Shram portal. Everyone between the ages of 16 and 59 who works in the unorganised sector, for example, is eligible to apply. Individuals who are unable to register on this portal may apply by visiting the Labor Common Service Center. This application will be available for free. All applicants must have the following documents with them: Aadhar Card, Mobile Number, Passport Size Picture, and Bank Account Number.

This Scheme Will Get you Pension Every month

E Shram Card Benefits: To register for e-labour card, workers will need some important documents. Like – Aadhaar card of the applicant, mobile number linked to Aadhaar, bank account number, etc. You will be able to simply finish the e-Labour Card registration process on the basis of these papers. The workers and labourers in the unorganised sector would benefit from a site that the central government has also developed.

The registered workers in this scheme will begin receiving monthly financial assistance in the amount of Rs. 3000 in the form of a pension when they reach the age of 60.

All employees who register on the platform will receive an E-Shram Card. by means of which they will be able to benefit from these programmes. We should point out that this card has 12 digits and is a labour card. This essentially serves as the employees’ identity.


Things to keep in mind

To register for an e-Labour Card, a candidate worker or labourer must be at least 16 years old and at most 60 years old. The candidate shouldn’t pay taxes. EPFO and ESIC employees are not eligible to apply. The country’s more than 38 crore workers are eligible to sign up for an e-Labour Card. These employees include farm and migrant workers, among others.

E Shram Card Required Documents

Documents required for making e-labor card – It is very important for the Indian laborers willing to make e-labor card to have the documents shown below. Which is as follows-

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Bank Account Details
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These People can Register for E Shram Card Benefits

Unorganized sector workers for e-shram card include shopkeeper / salesman / helper, auto driver, driver, puncture maker, cowherd, dairy person, all animal husbandry, paper hawker, delivery boy of Zomato and Swiggy, delivery of Amazon Flipkart Boy, laborers working on brick kiln have been included. All these people can make e-shram card.

Now let’s we talk about What are the E Shram Card Benefits that you have to must know,..

E Shram Card Benefits

E Shram Card Benefits: If you have also submitted E-Labour Card online registration form through E-Labour Card portal, then you can see the important benefits of E-Labour Card below –

  1. E-Labour card holder will get accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh.
  2. Any facility brought by the government for the workers will be directly benefited.
  3. Pension facility can be available in future.
  4. There will be financial support for medical care.
  5. In the future, this portal will be used to disburse all social security benefits to unorganised workers.
  6. Financial assistance for the education of children of e-labour card holder workers.
  7. The registered workers will be provided a UAN. in order for them to profit from the government programme.
  8. New and better employment opportunities will be available.
  9. If you have e labor card then you can also apply for Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana.
  10. With the integration of e shram and NCS (National Career Service Portal), thousands of e-shram registered people got employment opportunities.

What are The Features of E Shram card?

  • All Indian employees will have Shram cards at the central level.
  • Under Shram Card Yojana, any Indian worker can apply for shram card.
  • Workers working in the private sector, laborers working in unorganized sectors, small businessmen all can apply to get a labor card.
  • All the schemes launched by the Government of India in the interest of labor will be applicable on the labor card.
  • After making the labor card, the laborer can be identified as a worker at the national level.

Eligibility Criteria for E Shram card

Advantages of the E Shram Card: Whenever the government announces a programme, it is either for the entire nation or only a specific group of citizens. Also, each scheme’s eligibility is decided differently.

If we talk about the eligibility of e-shram card, then all the workers working in the unorganized sector are eligible for e-shram card. Provided that :-

  • Worker in unorganized sector
  • Age 16 to 59 years
  • Do not pay income tax
  • The applicant should not be a member of EPFO and ESIC.

These Scheme’s advantage also be Given

National Pension Plan (National Pension Scheme) for the self-employed, Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana, There are several other programmes available, including the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Benefits of Public Distribution System, Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, National Social Assistance Scheme, Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana,

What are the disadvantages of E Shram Card?

After knowing E Shram Card Benefits, let’s take a look into Disadvantages! Generally speaking, there is no harm in getting an e-Shramik card made, rather it is beneficial. But people who are studying now, students, looking for jobs, preparing for government jobs or those working people who already have EPFO and ESIC cards, if such people get e-shramik card made , then they may suffer the following losses –

  • Getting a job could be difficult.
  • After landing a job, withdrawing PF funds may be a challenge.
  • There may be a problem in withdrawing the money already deposited in EPFO.
  • There may be problem in using ESIC card.

However, these disadvantages and problems are not always there, and you may not face these problems. But still, we suggest that if you are a student or already in the organized sector, you should get an e-labour card made.


So, Here we presented Not only the E Shram Card Benefits but the whole info regarding What is E Shram Card, The Disadvantages of E Shram Card, Eligibility of E Shram Card also the Features of E Shram Card and more. Thank you for your time, if you found this article about E Shram Card Benefits so helpful then kindly share this to others!

FAQ Related E Shram Card Benefits

1. Can I apply for e shram card from mobile phone?
Yes, you can easily generate e-labor card from your mobile phone by visiting eshram.gov.in. For this, open the browser in desktop mode.

2. Can a student apply for E Shram Card?
No, a student cannot apply for e shram card. Because e labor card can be made only by laborers working in unorganized sector.

3. Can taxi driver apply for e shram card?
Yes, of course you can apply for e-labor card.

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