How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress with 5 Best Ways?

How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress: One of the most sophisticated colony simulators yet to be made available on Steam, is Dwarf Fortress. In this game, ensuring that your colony can not only survive, but flourish and grow, is a crucial part of experiencing the universe. You’ll have to bring in fresh groups of people known as migrants to your town as part of this.

Growing your castle and, most critically, your workers will require these new settlers. You can get all the information you require on luring immigrant groups to your town in Dwarf Fortress right here.

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So There is a Simple Rule that You need a large number of Dwarves to expand your fortress. Migrants are one of the finest methods to get them. Despite the fact that some migrants may be dangerous, it is still worthwhile to take the chance because you may give them duties and increase your labour force to expand your domain. You can use this guide to learn how to increase the number of migrants in the Dwarf Fortress.

So Now let we know you the methods to How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress, Which makes the procedure so easy for you in the game:

How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress?

Let’s then discuss those 5 Methods to How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress by which you can easily get the Migrats in Dwarf fortress!

1. Wait for the arrival of the dwarf migrants

So the very first method of How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress is Wait for the arrival! Every season, dwarves will move automatically to your fortress. You can affect some of it even though their jobs, skills, types, etc., are going to be randomised.

First off, the way your Fortress functions affects immigrant skills. It is more likely that immigrants will arrive who possess capabilities that your fortress frequently employs or doesn’t have at all. Skills that are considered essential, including mining, food production, and crafting, are prioritised above others.

The size of the first two migrant waves, which will arrive in groups of one to ten dwarves regardless of the state of your fortress, is largely predetermined (wealth or deaths). Yet, certain unique circumstances can prevent them from visiting your home.

The wealth of your Fortress will influence whether or not dwarves migrate. The amount of dwarves, invaders, merchants, and animals that either died at your Fortress or lived there are four factors that often determine(How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress) the size of each migration wave. When this number increases, the magnitude of migratory waves will be limited. You won’t get any more migrants until the local population hits 3,000. Nevertheless, you can also establish your own personal restrictions by adjusting the Population Cap and Tight Population Cap options found in the Game tab of the Settings menu.

2. Use Immigration Waves in the Dwarf Fortress to Attract Immigrants

Waves of immigration take place. The first two waves will happen when an outpost is first established and in the second spring, one year after setting out.

The number of migrants in the first group will range from 2 to 10, while the number in the second group will be between 10 and 20. These figures are somewhat arbitrary and independent of the expansion of your stronghold.

The size of subsequent immigration waves will be determined by how wealthy your castle is (How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress). Remember that you can receive migrants if your local population is less than 200.

You will stop receiving new migrants if it rises above that.

3. You can Invite Migrants from Holdings

As you go through the game, certain locations (referred to as holdings) will decide to connect up with your Fortress voluntarily or under duress.

Any of the related holdings that a player has access to can be chosen in order to request migrants.

Use the Civilization and World Info page (hotkey “h”) to manage your holdings. There, you’ll see a variety of civilizations, each with a unique symbol and colour.

Hold “r” while choosing any of the holdings to start a “request workers” mission. Return to the mission panel and designate a messenger to deliver your request after choosing the workers you want to request.

Remember that the request won’t be granted if your chosen employees wind up departing the holding before your messenger gets there.

4. Make Your Dwarf Fortress Better

As was already mentioned, increasing the riches of your Fortress by producing goods of greater quality will undoubtedly encourage more dwarves to visit your Fort.

For example, add more taverns, guild halls, temples, meeting halls, and other facilities to the dormitories. Also, you must not overlook items like leatherworking stores in order to draw particular dwarves.

You might even attract different kinds of dwarves, including dangerous and unusual beings like goblins and elves as well as thieves, musicians, and aristocrats.

5. Signing petitions to Attract Immigrants

The very last but not the least of How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress, You might occasionally get requests from lone visitors or entire armies. There are several other petitions you can get, but just one of them is specifically about luring immigrants.

Players may specifically receive a petition for permanent residence from a passing stranger. The visitor will specify their reason for visiting in the petition and will only perform the tasks they have specified.

The following are the justifications for long-term residence.

  • Getting rid of creatures
  • Having fun with the locals and guests
  • Soldiering and
  • Studying

After residing in the fort for two or more years, these long-term visitors are eligible to petition for citizenship. Players won’t be able to allocate any labour to them until that time, and only that time.

Migrant Messages

How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress

After knowing about How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress, The following are the messages that will appear when new migrants arrive or any type of actions occurs at your fortress: There are six messages in the game, they are:

  • A migrant has arrived” or “Some migrants have arrived” – This message will pops up when any migrant arrives without any problem.
  • Some migrants have arrived, despite the danger” – This message will be displayed when not many dwarves perish but immigrants continue to arrive.
  • Some migrants have decided to brave this terrifying place, knowing it may be their tomb” – This notification appears even when there is no death, it might be a warning indicator. Since there is no proof, this could suggest that your Fortress is in danger of being invaded.
  • Migrants refused to journey to such a dangerous fortress this season” – When migrants stop migrating as a result of numerous fatalities in your Fortress, particularly noble deaths, this message will be displayed. Nobles is the sole exception.
  • No one even considered making the journey to such a cursed death trap this season” – This is the worst scenario if a significant number of deaths occurred at your fortress as a result of any event that alarmed migrants. The migrant population won’t even come close to your fortress.
  • Migrants were too nervous about making the journey this season” – No Migrants arrived.


So there are enough and all the methods we have told you in this article to How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress, also some additional things about the messages appears in the game and How to remain that attractiveness to grow always the migrants etc. Thanks for read the article, kindly share this guide of ‘How to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress’ to your gaming community friends!

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