How to Custom Flash RG300: Custom Flashing and Writing Custom Firmware!

Do you ever wanted to know How to Custom Flash RG300? Or Ever thought about to Custom your Flash RG300 Gaming device which can made that more customizable, Powerful Gaming console and very sustainable Software than before? then let us tell you about How to Custom Flash RG300 in this article..

With its extensive collection of vintage games, the handheld gaming system known as the RG300 has completely ruled and brought revolution in the gaming industry. But did you know that custom flashing it can help you realise all of its potential?

We will talk about how to custom flash the RG300 in this blog post. By installing new firmware and customised operating systems through custom flashing, you can access more games, get better performance, and have more customization options. You can turn the RG300 into a potent gaming powerhouse with limitless potential by doing custom flash. We’ll lead you through How to Custom Flash RG300 and bringing forth its full potential in this guide.

Advantages of Custom Flashing

Before to know How to Custom Flash RG300 process Let’s We tell you some of the Best Benefits of RG300 device. There are several benefits to custom flash RG300, which as follow as below:

  1. Better Performance than Before:
    Custom flashing can result in better performance, quicker load times, and more fluid gaming.
  2. Options for customization:
    Custom flashing enables you to completely personalise your RG300, including changing the user interface and adding new functionality.
  3. Access to a larger selection of games:
    Custom flashing enables access to a huge selection of games, including ones that the RG300 did not at first support.
  4. Improved battery life:
    You may lengthen the battery life of your RG300 by custom flashing the settings.

How to Custom Flash RG300?

Normal Method Flashing

How to Custom Flash RG300: Here is a step-by-step guide on how to custom flash RG300, Just follow the below steps to successfully custom your Flash RG300..

Step 1 : Make sure you have a computer, a USB cable, and the desired custom firmware before you begin.

Step 2 : Browse online for the custom firmware that you want to download and install on your RG300. With the RG300, there are numerous websites and message boards that offer customised firmware. Make sure to use a reliable source while downloading the firmware.

Step 3 : Connect your RG300 with A PC. Use a USB cable to connect your RG300 to your computer.

Step 4 : Activate recovery mode. To activate recovery mode, power on your RG300 while pressing and holding the RESET button. Hold the RESET button down until a menu appears on the screen.

Step 5: Transferring the customised firmware to your RG300. Go to the location where you extracted the modified firmware files using your computer’s file explorer. Copy the firmware file to the RG300 after choosing it.

Step: 6 The process of flashing begins.. Choose the custom firmware file that you just copied to your RG300 from the recovery mode menu, then start the flashing procedure by following the on-screen prompts.

Step: 7 Installer verification. Turn your RG300 off and back on after the flashing is finished. Checking the settings or looking for new features or alterations in the user interface may help you confirm that the custom firmware has been successfully installed.

Writing Custom Firmware

How to Custom Flash RG300: Here are we telling you the second method for How to Custom Flash RG300, So simply follow this simple guide to install the custom firmware on flash RG300..

You will need this Softwares..

  • MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition from here
  • Win32 DiskImager program from here or Etcher from here

Taking Out the Micro SD Card

  • Remove the battery cover from the RG-300’s back.
    How to Custom Flash RG300
  • Now that the battery has been removed, the Micro SD Card is visible.
    How to Custom Flash RG300
  • The Micro SD Card can now be removed from the slot gently. Carefully remove any stickers that may be covering the SD Card.

Making Ready the Micro SD Card

  1. Install Mini Tool Partition Wizard after inserting your Micro SD card into your computer.
    How to Custom Flash RG300
  2. Choose the Micro SD Card by locating it, making sure you can see it, and then clicking on the card’s text to pick the entire card.
    How to Custom Flash RG300
  3. Right Choose Remove All Partitions by clicking in the same location.
    How to Custom Flash RG300
  4. Choose Create from the menu by performing a right-click on the Unallocated Space section.
  5. Choose FAT32 from the File System drop-down menu, then click OK.
  6. To start erasing the partitions and formatting the Micro SD Card, click Apply.
    How to Custom Flash RG300
  7. You are now prepared to write the custom firmware once it has finished.

Writing the Custom Firmware

  • If you haven’t already, place the Micro SD Card in the card reader on your PC.
  • Extract the archive file for the custom firmware. A file with the.img filename extension must exist. RG-300 RG-PlusV2 RS97-V3.0-CFW-Comic-book.03-07-19.img is one example.
  • Open the Win32 DiskImager application, and then select the SD Card reader as the first drive (Device).
  • Choose the extracted.img file by clicking the tiny blue folder icon.
    Writing the Custom Firmware
  • Check and triple check that you have prepared and picked the right image file as well as the correct drive for the Micro SD Card. Press Write to start writing the picture file after checking the box.
    Writing the Custom Firmware
  • Depending on how quickly your PC and Micro SD card can transfer data, the operation should take about 15 minutes.
    After finishing, select Exit to end the programme.
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Expanding the available drive space for game

  • The Mini Tool Partition Wizard software should be loaded. You can now see that the MicroSD Card has five partitions.
  • If the partition labelled “main” lacks a drive letter, right-click on it, select Change Letter from the menu, and then give it one.
    Expanding the drive space for games
  • In order to utilise the remaining space, we now want to enlarge the partition called “main.” Choose Extend by doing a right-click on the “main” partition.
  • To completely allot the space to the “main” partition, move the slider all the way to the right. Choose OK.
    Expanding the drive space for games
  • To begin allocating the available space to the “main” partition, click Apply in the top left corner. Depending on the size of your MicroSD Card, this can take some time.
  • Finally You can now close the Mini Tool Partition Wizard programme after finishing it.

How to Copy Games to the Memory Card?

How to Custom Flash RG300: You can add your own games using either the internal or external Micro SD card. In order to add or remove games later, we advise utilising an external Micro SD card because it is quicker and simpler to update.

For Internal SD Card

  1. You must copy the files to a specific area if you’re utilising the internal Micro SD card. Put the card into your PC first. If you see any notifications that new drives have not been formatted, choose Cancel.
  2. Copy the Games
  3. A retrofw icon can be present on the last USB device on your list. The contents of it should look like what is seen below. Any file can be copied to the roms folder.

    Copy the games

  4. Activate Mini Tool Partition Wizard, right-click on the RETROFW region, and select Change Letter from the menu if you are unable to view this drive.

    Copy the games

  5. Any drive letter that is available can be selected from the drop-down menu. once selected, press OK.

    Copy the games

  6. Then Simply Click on Apply.

For External SD Card

How to Custom Flash RG300: Create a FAT32 partition on your Micro SD card if you haven’t previously. the Micro SD Card into your computer. Right-click the Micro SD Card drive in Explorer and select Format.

Press X repeatedly until you are the system root, then select media and mmcblk1p:1 to access the files on your SD card. This will open the External Micro SD card in the file browser. By selecting Update shortcuts to start in a different folder, you can update emulator shortcuts.

One Final Step

You can place the Micro SD Card into the internal or external Micro SD Card slot when you have finished transferring your files.

Put the battery back into the battery compartment after reinserting it, and then close the cover. When you turn on your RG-300, the custom firmware should/will load shortly after.


Hope by today’s article How to Custom Flash RG300, you are now be awared that to install a custom firmware is a best method to bring out all of its capabilities and turn it into a formidable gaming system. You’ll have access to more games, better performance, and customization choices if you can install new firmware and unique operating systems. Thanks for reading this article. Kindly share this to your techy and gammy friends!

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