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If you are familiar with the American comedian Chris Distefano, you may also be familiar with Jazzy Distefano, his spouse. She is, after all, the stunning woman who stood by him during all of her difficult circumstances. In actuality, that is the only reason she has ever been covered by the media. But with time, people became enthralled by her talent and the grace with which she frequently appeared in front of the camera.

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Everything in this beauty’s life changed when she first met Chris. We feel guilty for disproving your assumption that her husband is the reason for all of her success and popularity.

Jazzy Distefano Biography Details Table

Article Name Jazzy Distefano biography
Full Name  Jasmine Canuela
Nickname  Jazzy Distefano
Date of Birth  17 April 1984
Age  39 years old
Birth Place  United States of America
Sun Sign  Aries
Net Worth $2 million
Nationality  American


She is a gifted and creative individual whose work and contribution to the entertainment sector have mesmerized audiences. This post is worthwhile to read if you’ve recently developed a crush on this woman.

With this post, we will tell you everything there is to know about this selfish woman. We’ll tell you about Jazzy Distefano biography as we here cover here, Jazzy Distefano’s relationship with her devoted husband, as well as her age, height, and body, look.

Who Is Jazzy Distefano?

Jazzy Distefano biography: In addition to being the wonderful wife of the well-known Chris, as was already noted, Jazzy is also a certified Zumba instructor. She was born and raised in the United States of America, which is a lovely country.

Jasmine Canuela is the lady’s genuine name, which many people might not be aware of. She was conceived by her parents, Liz Canuelas and Edward Distefano.

Unexpectedly, the instructor hasn’t shared much information about her parents. She is undoubtedly fortunate to have a sister by the name of Jessica Canuelas, though.

Childhood and Education

Jazzy Distefano biography: One of this beautiful lady’s biggest blessings in life was growing up in the United States of America. This is due to the fact that America is a strong nation and that those who are born here have access to amenities and opportunities that are often unavailable in other nations.

In fact, Jazzy found life to be easier even as a child since her parents were so motivating. They made sure she received the required education, and they were prepared to do whatever it took to grant her wish.

This young woman is well-known and energetic, but she hasn’t given much information about herself. Jazzy is an American woman of mixed heritage, which is another factor.

Jazzy Distefano’s Family

Jazzy Distefano biography: She was born Jasmin Canuelas in Brooklyn, New York, on April 17, 1984. She is one of the three children that Edwin and Liz Canuelas have, along with two daughters and a son.

Jasmin Canuelas, Jessica Canuelas, and their brother’s father, Edwin, all went away in 2018. He worked at the current NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, which was once the Lutheran Medical Center. Because he was from Aibonito, Puerto Rico, his children continued his Puerto Rican heritage.

Career: Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano’s Career is the big part in Jazzy Distefano biography.. Jazzy chose to become a fitness and Zumba instructor in order to encourage and motivate ladies to be in shape. She wants to assist every woman in overcoming postpartum depression and returning to their prior selves.

When she experienced one, she began her career as a trainer. Her first two kids weren’t breastfed, and they were both raised. She so promotes the wellness programme while appearing on another mother’s shows.

She took the risk of developing the innovative Jazzymethod programme. This woman wants ladies to appreciate the upbeat music that encourages movement and bodyweight exercise.

She frequently posts about her fitness journey on social media, particularly Instagram.

Jazzy Distefano Height, Weight, Age and Other Details..

Jazzy Distefano was born in April 17th, 1984 making her age 39 as of 2023. She is therefore an Aries, according to the zodiac. She adheres to the notion that each person is responsible for themselves, in accordance with her sun sign.

Distefano has an attractive physique and works as a fitness coach and Zumba instructor. She makes care to maintain the health of her physique by going to the gym each day.

This woman passionately believes in eating a healthy diet in addition to Zumba and exercises. So he does his best to stay away from fast food. Similarly, Jazzy Distefano is 5 feet 6 inches tall in height. and weighing exact 57kgs as of 2023. She also has long black hair, a pair of black eyes, and long black hair.

Husband of Jazzy Distefano

Chris Distefano, a well-known comedian, is married to Jazzy Distefano. Chris is a well-known comedian who has previously been on numerous comedy TV shows. He began his career by doing a few short, amusing skits and acts in nightclubs. Before getting married to Jazzy, Chris was in several failed relationships. Chris experienced break-up traumas during the early stages of his profession, which led to depression. Jazzy, whom Chris eventually met, assisted Chris in overcoming his despair.

The pair did not date for very long before getting hitched. During his marriage, Chris Distefano was content and enjoying a promising, secure career in comedy. Chris welcomed Jazzy, who had a son from a previous relationship, with open arms. Her first son’s father’s identity has never been made public. The pair carried on with their lives, ignoring all the criticisms of Jazzy’s prior union.

The union took place on February 13, 2015. The couple revealed they were expecting their first child together the same year. The couple appears to be content in their modest world as of 2021. They frequently upload photos of themselves together. Via their Instagram stories, Chris Distefano and Jazzy Distefano promote one another’s shows and new products. Chris is always thankful to have Jazzy, two children, a son, and other family members in his life.

Jazzy Distefano’s Children

Jazzy has two girls and one son; the daughters are Chris’s biological children, whereas the son is from a previous relationship. Just a few days after the couple learned they were expecting a kid, Jazzy revealed her first pregnancy.

Yet everyone who followed them was completely taken aback when they announced the birth of their second kid. Very close to the due date, the couple announced their second pregnancy. Jazzy shared a photo of Chris and her admiring Jazzy’s noticeable baby bump.

Jazzy was motivated to aid moms in overcoming postpartum depression and weight loss after her second pregnancy. Jazzy frequently acknowledges her gratitude for being a mother. After having her second(Jazzy Distefano biography) kid, she only became aware of the challenge moms endure. Jazzy Distefano saw this issue firsthand, which gave her the motivation to assist others.

Jazzy Distefano’s 2023 Net Worth

Jazzy Distefano biography: This bright individual has been putting in a lot of effort to provide for her family and raise her kids’ standard of living. Jazzy makes just as much money as Chris, who is a clever man who is well-known for making a sizable fortune from his movies and television series.

Jazzy Distefano will have a $2 million net worth in 2023. This is as a result of her hard work as a dance instructor. Jazzy’s hubby also helped her gain the necessary fame.

On the other side, there is no information available on her monthly salary. Yet, one may infer from her Instagram post that she has an affluent life.


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