How to Apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship 2023: Application, Deadline, Winners etc.

Through the Work Ethic Scholarship Program of the Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation, the Mike Rowe Scholarship is available to students all around the United States. Students pursuing or planning to pursue a profession or trade-related studies are eligible to apply for this grant. The grant is given to students who want to learn a certain talent. This scholarship provides students with a one-time award in the form of the Mike Rowe Works Scholarship 2023 Skills.

The ammount provided to students covers tuition for the programme they are pursuing. In this essay, we shall discuss the many aspects of this Scholarship. It contains the qualifying conditions that a student must meet, the rewards that are available to students, the application method, the documentation necessary during the application process, and so on. Continue reading for more information about The Mike Rowe Work Scholarship.

About Mike Rowe foundation scholarship

Mike Rowe established the Mike Rowe Scholarship in 2004 after writing a promise S.W.E.A.T with the concise sentence “Skills and Work Ethics Aren’t Taboo” in it. It is a set of core beliefs that work ethic, delayed gratification, personal responsibility, and a positive attitude are the most significant factors in the lives of professionals.

All students who choose to pursue a career in skilled labour are eligible for scholarships from Midwest Technical Institute and the Mike Rowe Works Foundation. All of the scholarship students who, for financial reasons, are unable to finish their studies are offered scholarships here in accordance with the qualifications of the applicants. All students will have the chance to develop their abilities and display them through this grant. After demonstrating their greatest abilities, all students are eligible for scholarships to continue their education.

Mike Rowe Works Scholarship Details Table:

Scholarship Name  Mike Rowe Scholarship
Launched By  Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation
Beneficiaries  Students of USA
Objective  To provide opportunity to students who want to be trained in skilled work
Benefits  This scholarship will be provided as a tuition fee
Registration Process  Online
Official Website  Open Here


But Who is Mike Rowe?

Famous television personality Mike Rowe is most recognised for his work on the Dirty Jobs series on the Discovery Channel. He has also served as the host of other programmes, including Return of the Stink and Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

Rowe currently resides in San Francisco but is originally from Maryland. He holds degrees from the Shenandoah Conservatory and the Essex Community College.

Rowe is an advocate for skilled jobs and vocational education in addition to his work on television. He has launched several programmes to further these causes, including the Mike Rowe Scholarship Fund and the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation.

Criteria for the Mike Rowe Scholarship:

To be eligible for the scholarship, the candidate must meet the following requirements for their education:

  • High school seniors, graduates, or those with a GED equivalent who have enrolled or intend to enrol in a two-year college, technical school, vocational school, or other recognised American technical establishment.
  • Students engaged in or eager to enrol in a recognised vocational programme or other programme closely connected to a trade.
  • Applicants who intend to finish their degree in a trade after December 1, 2020.
  • The Mike Rowe Sweat Pledge is not open to students who have previously received educational scholarships from the Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation.

Required Documents for the Mike rowe foundation scholarship:

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, the candidate must possess the following documents:-

  • School Cost Form.
  • A Copy of page one of the most current IRS Form 1040 filing.
  • Completed The SWEAT Pledge Quick Response Questions.
  • Grades on the transcript. Transcripts of grades from each institution attended, including high school, vo-tech, and college, must be submitted by applicants.
  • Two Completed Reference Questionnaires are accepted for grade reports.
  • Signed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge .

How to Apply for Mike Rowe Foundation Scholarship:

Mike Rowe Scholarship

All applicants who wish to apply for this scholarship may do so using the link provided for registration after having verified their eligibility and supporting documentation. The following are the major steps of applying:

  1. An candidate must first enrol in a programme that has been authorised.
  2. After registering for the recognised programme, the swipe oath needs to be signed.
  3. After that, you must complete an application that includes an essay about yourself that you write in response to three questions.
  4. This will require a minimum of two teacher references, and then they must be included in a brief video with a 45–60 second video title.
  5. The video must not contain any music or trademarks of any type.
  6. The applicant must submit this YouTube video and make it public using the guidelines provided.
  7. Send the Mike Rowe Work Foundation and the scholarship sponsors your link to this film, which has the involvement of all the people in the video and was made with everyone’s cooperation.
  8. The applicant’s tuition charge is shown in its current form, and he or she must upload a copy of the school or college transcripts that demonstrate his academic standing in order to submit an application.
  9. At the conclusion of the application, the applicant will be required to provide evidence of his financial situation.

Benefits of the Mike rowe foundation scholarship

  • A total of $400,000 will be scrounged up for the most recent programme.
  • Each applicant who is chosen for this scholarship will earn a single reward.
  • The award will only cover the cost of attending trade or technical school.
  • The Mike Rowe Works Foundation will decide the number and cost of the scholarships.
  • The ammount of the scholarship is not capped at any particular quantity. The award recipient’s school will confirm the award’s dollar amount.

Mike rowe foundation scholarship Selection Process

In order to be considered for the Mike Rowe Scholarship, candidates must fulfil the requirements listed below:

  • Either a senior in high school or a recent graduate (within the last year)
  • Must have a GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Must have plans to work in a skilled trade or other vocational profession.
  • Must provide proof of financial necessity.
  • The following is the selection procedure for the Mike Rowe Scholarship:
  • All qualified candidates must submit a finished online application that includes an essay section.
  • The criteria mentioned above will be used by a committee of reviewers to analyse all submissions and choose semi-finalists.
  • A member of the scholarship committee will Skype interview the semi-finalists. In-person interviews will take place in late May or early June.
  • Early in July, finalists will be informed of their reward.

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Deadline for Mike Rowe foundation scholarship

A needs-based scholarship for students attending a technical or trade school is called the Mike Rowe Scholarship. The award is established in honour of Dirty Jobs host and television personality Mike Rowe.

Any student enrolled in a two- or four-year recognised college or university, as well as any student enrolled in a trade or technical school, is eligible to apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship. It is possible to renew the scholarship for up to four years.


So, The Mike Rowe Scholarship is An excellent way to assist with college costs. Since it is a need-based scholarship, only those who can prove they have a need for money can apply. The award can be used to cover tuition, board, books, and other costs. In general, the Mike Rowe Scholarship is a fantastic approach to assist with college expenses. It’s absolutely worth applying for if you qualify! Kindly share this Article to all your friends and needy ones to let them aware about What is the scholarship is all about, Application, deadline and much more. Thank you.

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