Unheard Fact about Split Face Diving Accident Explained!

A 16-year-old boy in Beirut, Lebanon, collapses before diving from the seafront. Split Face Diving Accident Man trips and landing on the concrete slab where fishermen are fishing rather than the ocean. After striking the pavement face first, the man who suffered a split face dives into the water.

The yards surrounding the lake turned bled red in a short period of time. Girls are screaming all over, and individuals and boats are in the water attempting to save the individual.

The picture immediately changes to a hospital, where a group of medical professionals are attending to the dejected patient. His face has been completely split in half vertically!

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Face Splitting Jumping Accident | Split Face Diving Accident

Social media users have shared a Reddit post known as the “Split Face Diving Accident” extensively. Despite the fact that the story and graphic video were posted 13 years ago, internet users only lately become aware of the old post. The article was published on Reddit many years ago by user u/zombiedub. It had 93 percent of the votes as of the writing of this sentence.

According to accounts, a 16-year-old Beirut resident was involved in a horrifying tragedy called Split Face Diving Accident back in June 2009. Over from the American University, on the Manara Promenade, a teenager was attempting to dive. Sadly, the adolescent fell into the ocean after initially striking the concrete.

Split Face Diving Accident Take on TikTok

As users discover of a terrible diving accident that left someone with a “Split Face” screenshots from footage of a cliff diving disaster from the late 2000s have emerged on TikTok.

Every now and then, a video of a botched cliff plunge appears online, continuing what has come to be a fairly unfortunate bit of internet lore.

Thankfully, the incident doesn’t appear to have any current video footage on TikTok, but some users are just hearing about it for the first time. So let’s tell you the entire incident that How’d that happened and how it shakened the world by this one mistake of a young boy.

The TikTok Split Face Diving Accident Trend Explained

With viral trends ranging from corny tunes to artificial intelligence filters, TikTok is a broad cathedral of internet material. On the other side, popular TikTok topics may have a darker tone than cute songs about sweetcorn. The video of the split-face dive is a great illustration of this pattern. Face-splitting trend videos generally stick to the same pattern. They frequently have a description of what happens in the video along with a hazy snapshot from the original video that is placed to depressing or moody music.

Several users invite visitors to see the original video by clicking on the links in their profiles. The fact that “facial split dude full video” is the trend’s most popular search indicates that the incident caught the attention of many users.

Is TikTok Restricting footage of the incident?

It appears that TikTok’s rules have kept the bulk of accounts from accessing the clip, which is a relief to someone who found the ‘Split Face Diving Accident’ video some years ago. Everyone who frequently uses TikTok, however, is aware that the app’s algorithm quickly removes information it deems objectionable. In order to avoid having their films automatically erased, users routinely intentionally misspell things. For instance, the word “die” may be written as “d!3,” or they may claim in the video description that an adult uploaded the tape.

It’s unclear whether videos of the split face diving mishap were submitted to TikTok and then removed right away, or if individuals chose not to upload any videos in order to avoid getting their accounts suspended.

The video first reappeared on Reddit

Although the face split diving video has been discussed online before, it may be helpful for some people to know how old the video is. The video clip is thought to have initially gone viral on Reddit 12 years ago after being posted to a blog in October 2009. Little is known about the face split clip’s 13-year-old diver other than the fact that the diver is purportedly from Beirut, Lebanon.

The video may have been edited or altogether fabricated, but this hasn’t been proven. It’s also unclear why the discussion about the clip seems to have returned on TikTok so long after the occurrence.

Is Split Face Diving Accident Guy Still alive?

Man with a split face who had been diving was still breathing, conscious, and moving his tongue. Diver with a split face appeared to be terrified. The doctor presses the patient’s sides together numerous times in order to give them a full face again. The doctor repeatedly asks in Arabic, “Where do I start?” Regarding the health status of Split face diving accident, there is no current information. As of right now, we are unsure if he is deceased or living.

This incident occurred in Beirut in the second week of June 2009. The teenager and his brother were showing off their diving skills by diving off the Manara Promenade, which is just across from the American University on the beach of Beirut’s bay.

Fact about this Split Face Diving Accident Video

Split Face Diving Accident

Let’s find out the Unheard fact about Split Face Diving Accident Viral video..

The boy’s wound’s nature has drawn much debate. It doesn’t seem feasible to hit a slab of concrete and have your face split in half vertically. The concrete slab that he strikes is surrounded by steel casing, though, if you look at the diving film. The steel casing is now visible because the concrete slab has worn away. The steel enclosure follows the coastline parallel. Despite so, it would seem that striking the steel shell horizontally would not result in this injury. But notice how the youngster is violently flailing in the air. He is swaying and turning like the wind as he dives.

He may have curled to try to avoid the concrete with his flailing dive, which could have caused him to turn the necessary 90 degrees and strike the steel casing’s sharp edge vertically rather than horizontally, causing the injuries we witness afterwards. The hospital footage may have been fabricated using special effects, according to a different theory.

It is obvious that the man in the hospital is not “some rubber thing” when you consider the poor quality of the video and the fact that motion picture studios with large resources are used to faking things like this. One issue with the video is that the jumper is a typical brown-skinned Arab, whereas the hospital man is fairly pale.

These are supposedly two different people, according to some folks. Yet if the diver lost a lot of blood, the child in the hospital might be the same child. Another idea—possibly not as strange as it sounds—is that the youngster is already deceased and lying on the ER table. There are death rattles, and the body can still produce some involuntary movements after passing away. The breathing may have also been induced by the tube.

Why, though, intubate a corpse? If you look closely, you can also see that his chest is rising and falling and that his tongue is moving. He seemed to be struggling for air. An online funeral director believed he was still very much alive.

What really lingers with you is the victim’s hard, frightened breathing and what seems to be a horrified expression on what’s left of his face.

How to Report TIKTOK Videos or Content?

If you want to report videos or any type of content like Split Face Diving Accident on TikTok then simply follow these steps:

  1. To report any content or video, select the white arrow that appears to the right of the video.
  2. Choose the “report” icon showing flag symbol.
  3. Tap the icon and Report the Video or Content.

Do not respond to communications about the trend if you receive them. Report the accounts instead right away.


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