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With the help of Stanford University Hospitality Management program, Students can lay the groundwork for a career in the hotel and tourist sector. The best business techniques and knowledge for the sector in both Canada and overseas are the focus of our curriculum. Students acquire a strong foundation in important skills like problem solving, presentation, communication, team dynamics, and analytical ability in addition to program-specific courses. They then apply these talents to a variety of industry case studies encompassing a wide range of sectors.

This programme is provided by Stanford International College in collaboration with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute(AHLEI). The EI is largely acknowledged as being at the forefront of hospitality certification. You can earn AHLEI industry certification by completing Stanford College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management programme, which uses AHLEI textbooks, coursework, and exams.

The AHLEI Hospitality Management Diploma, the Hospitality Operations Certificate, and the Rooms Division Specialization Certificate are also given to diploma programme graduates. Credentials from AHLEI are accepted anywhere. So let’s know about Stanford University Hospitality Management in details in the article..

So What is Stanford University Hospitality Management?

A hospitality management programme is now being offered by Stanford International College of Business and Technology in collaboration with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). Through this curriculum, students will be introduced to the fascinating field of hospitality management, one of the sectors with the fastest rate of job growth worldwide.

The Hospitality Management Diploma equips students for management positions in a variety of hospitality-related fields, including, but not limited to, hotels, restaurants, casinos, international food companies, private clubs, consulting firms, travel agencies, and cruise ships. This programme places an emphasis on professionalism, helps students develop their managerial and practical skills, and provides a strong foundation in hospitality studies. Students can obtain practical experience in many of the best hospitality establishments in the Greater Toronto Area as part of the program’s practicum internship.

Purpose of Stanford University Hospitality Management

Through this curriculum, students will gain a critical appreciation of management within the context of the hotel industry. This certification expands on the information and abilities from the Diploma in Stanford University Hospitality Management to deepen your comprehension of company operations, human resource management, marketing tactics, and property management.

The programme consists of six months of industrial attachment to learn about the practical aspects of management in the hotel or food and beverage industries, together with four theoretical modules that are delivered face-to-face over an eight-month period.

The following are the modules by Stanford University Hospitality Management:

  • Food and Beverage Management
  • International Hospitality
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Industrial Attachment Programme
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Why to Choose Stanford University?

  1. This University Stnads 3rd among the top international universities.
  2. 97% of college students reside on campus.
  3. The Stanford faculty currently includes 22 Nobel laureates.
  4. fantastic 5:1 student to instructor ratio.
  5. Tuition for undergraduates from families making under $100,000 is entirely covered by grants and/or scholarships.
  6. Graduate students receive financial aid to the tune of 85%.
  7. 49 States and 67 countries are represented on this multicultural campus.

Stanford University Cost Of Attendance

  • The price of attendance varies according to the programme type selected and the preferences of the individual student.
  • Additional fees, transportation, and style of lodging can all have a large impact on overall costs at Stanford.
  • An approximate budget for foreign students who wants to attend Stanford University Hospitality Management in the United States is as follows:
Type of Expenses Amount (in USD)
Tuition Undergraduate: 55,473
Graduate: 1,166-24,354
Required fees 696
Room and Apartment 10,464-28,032
Medical Insurance 5,928
Health Fee 696
Books and Supplies 1,290-1,780
Transportation 1,050
Personal expenses 3,463
Materials and Program Fee(For Graduates) 900


Stanford University Tuition Fees

Courses Duration Tuition Fees
Medicine and HealthCare (1 Courses) 2 year USD 44184
MBA (1 Courses) 2 year USD 73062
Engineering (12 Courses) 18 Month – 4 Year USD 36330 – USD 55905
Science (7 Courses) 18 Month – 6 Year USD 50715 – USD 52857
Arts (1 Courses) 4 year USD 52857
Law (1 Courses) 4 year USD 52350
Information Technology (IT) (1 Courses) 2 year USD 36330
Management (3 Courses) 6 Week – 6 Year USD 67000 – USD 132900

Stanford University Entry Requirements

Courses Exam
Arts SAT
Engineering GRE , TOEFL , SAT
Information Technology (IT) GRE , TOEFL
Management GMAT , GRE , IELTS , TOEFL , PTE
Medicine and HealthCare SAT , IELTS , TOEFL
Science SAT , TOEFL

More Details on Studying in USA

Tuition Fees in USA (1st Year Average) BE/Btech: USD 28300 | MS: USD 22693 | BBA: USD 26616 | MBA: USD 29558 | BSc: USD 29418 | MA: USD 20452 | MIS: USD 22133 | MFin: USD 37683 | MEng: USD 29558 | MIM: USD 35301 | MEM: USD 23254 | MArch: USD 34741 | MFA: USD 28857 | BHM: USD 27176
Average Accomodation & Food Costs in USA USD 700 to 1000 Per Month
Entrance Exams in USA TOEFL: 86 | IELTS: 6.5 | PTE: 60 | GRE: 309 | GMAT: 560 | SAT: 1177
Work and Study in USA Permitted for 20 hours/week with a valid study permit. Know More
Post Study Work Permit in USA One to Two Years after graduation depending on the course.
Cost of Student Visa in USA USD 160
Student Visa in USA Your F1 visa for the USA grants you permission to enrol in full-time academic programmes there. Prior to applying for an F1 visa in the USA, you must be accepted by any accredited school, college, university, academic institute, seminary, or conservatory in the country.
Intakes in USA There are Three Intakes in USA: Fall (August-September), Spring (January)
Top Job Sectors in USA Health Care, Education, Construction, Hospitality & Tourism, Business Services, Finance.
Economy in USA GDP Growth of 2.1% (Q4 2019), The Larges Economy of the World by Nominal.


Courses offered by Stanford University Hospitality Management

  • Management Courses
    Diploma in Hotel Management
    12 Months
  • Professional Courses
    Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery
    12 Months
  • Vocational Courses
    Diploma in Food Production
    12 Months
  • Master Diploma in Culinary Skills (MDCS)
    12 Months

Miscellaneous Fees

These additional Stanford University costs should be carefully noted by students, and they should indicate the ones they need to submit:

  1. A $150 quarterly fee for graduation.
  2. $1,177 per month for VSR.
  3. Fee of $232 per quarter for Campus Health Service.
  4. A one-time fee of $250 for documents.
  5. Associated Students of Stanford University (ASU) fees: $174 (undergraduate) and $45 (PG).
  6. Additional supplemental costs include the orientation fee for new students, the fee for legal student services, late study list fines ($200), laboratory expenses, dissertation fees, fees for specialised courses, and service fees for foreign scholars.

Additional Info about Stanford University Hospitality Management

Stanford University Hospitality Management

The institute has a large campus with a modern kitchen and the necessary equipment. At SICHM, They developed the study materials and teaching methods based on extensive interviews with industry professionals, head chefs of numerous well-known hotel chains, etc. with the goal of gaining insight into the expectations of the industry and giving candidates a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is a service-oriented one, and SICHM is aware of the dynamics of human behaviour. At SICHM, we place a strong emphasis on meeting customer expectations, foster candidates’ creativity, and encourage them to think creatively so that they can compete in today’s market and become skilled hotel staff and chefs.

The institute has partnerships with several well-known hotel chains and restaurants in India, and one expert with more than 7 years of experience is on the committee of the institute who specialises in international placements. In addition, the Institute supports students who want to start their own business.


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