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TNEB Aadhaar linking: If you use TNEB and haven’t yet connected your TNEB account to your Aadhaar card, you’ll have trouble paying your electricity bills in the future. Therefore, those who have not connected their TNEB Account with their Aadhar number should do so right now. It is crucial to link your TANGEDCO Aadhar account in order to avoid problems with future bill payments. To receive their subsidy, TANGEDCO has made it necessary for all customers to link their Aadhar cards with their TNEB accounts.

Current consumption (CC) charges from customers whose consumer numbers are not connected with Aadhaar are not being collected by TANGEDCO offices. So, the following instructions can help you connect your Aadhaar card to TNEB.

According to government regulations, verified data on recipients must be compiled, and those who refuse to link their Aadhar would have their subsidies withheld. All residents of Tamil Nadu are required by the state’s electricity board to link their Aadhar to their EB Number. It is crucial that all recipients of the subsidy connect their Adhaar numbers to TEB accounts. They won’t be able to receive the rewards if they don’t. For more details regarding the TNEB Aadhar Link, read the article below all the way through.

TNEB Aadhaar linking Details Table:

Name of the Authority  Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
Name of the Article  TNEB Aadhar Link
Service name  TANGEDCO Aadhar Linking Online
Motive  Get data about electricity consumption
Beneficiaries  Citizens of Tamil Nadu
State  Tamil Nadu
Adhaar Link Process  Online
Official Website Click here to Open


TNEB Aadhar linking can be accomplished in one of two ways: either by registering on the official website or by making an online payment when submitting outstanding electricity bills. Customers must have all necessary documentation on hand while registering.

Up to 100 units will get free electricity

Consumers’ Aadhaar cards and customer numbers are now being linked by Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (TANGEDCO). This decision has been taken to streamline the subsidy being provided by the power distribution companies in the country. The first 100 units of electricity will be free for domestic consumers after Aadhaar link. In its statement, the central government has also directed that only those power utilities will be given free electricity under new power projects, whose account will be linked with Aadhaar.

How Do I Online Link My Aadhaar To TNEB?

Users can look here if they have any questions about the Online TNEB Aadhaar linking process. The procedures required for you to link Adhaar have been detailed. Below the article is a direct link as well. The following are the locations where Adhaar and EB Numbers can be linked:

  1. First of all, Visit the TANGEDCO website.TNEB Aadhaar linking
  2. Select Bill Status in the Billing Services section by scrolling down.TNEB Aadhaar linking
  3. Next, input your registered mobile number and the service connection number.
  4. Click here to finish.

Now, the TANGEDCO would published information regarding the service connection, including whether the Aadhaar information has been updated.

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Offline Process of TNEB Aadhar Linking:

TNEB Aadhaar linking: Many customers encountered the linking issue on the final day for linking the Aadhaar card. At its 2,811 section offices, the officials have set up camps to help solve the issue. Except for vacations, all of the camps will remain open until December 31, 2022. Aadhaar-related services are available from 10:30 am to 5:15 pm.

At all areas of the offices, the authorities would also run separate counters for senior residents and people with disabilities. The planned camps will offer new enrollments in addition to assisting users in updating any missing data.

Guidelines for TNEB Aadhar Linking Process:

  1. Every electricity user in the state of Tamil Nadu must access official website from their smartphone or computer.
  2. You must now hit the Aadhar Link Button to proceed to the next step.
  3. Your service number, which is prominently displayed on your electricity bill, must be entered here.
  4. Enter your Aadhar Link mobile number on the following page, followed by the OTP you received on your phone.
  5. Then, upload a JPG file of your Aadhar Card in both the front and rear views.
  6. The TNEB Aadhar Link Process is finished once the form is submitted.
  7. With the aid of the section below, applicants may now check the TANGEDCO Aadhar Link Status online.

Reason for TNEB Aadhaar Linking

TNEB Aadhaar linking: An significant decision was recently made by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) to require TNEB consumers to link their Aadhar Cards to their power bills. Giving the agency’s clients extra benefits was the main impetus behind this decision. As everyone is aware, getting an Aadhar Card is now necessary to obtain Indian citizenship.

The Aadhar Card is a form of identification recognised by the government and necessary for all official transactions. It contains thorough information and data on its owner. It is necessary to get a ration card, open a bank account, etc. in all of India’s states. In order for users to benefit from the Aadhar Card’s future advantages, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) decided to link the card to their TNEB electricity bills.

TNEB Aadhaar linking : Benefits

As you are aware, in this day and age, your Aadhaar card functions as a very crucial document, and your account on the card holds all of your specific information. You receive all TNEB Aadhar Link 2023 Benefits under this. The Tamil Nadu government has made the TANGEDCO Link Aadhar Card highly crucial in this regard.

With the TANGEDCO Link Aadhar Card, you can actually lower your electricity costs. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a subsidy that covers the first 100 units. You will receive free power, and if you use less than 500 units, you will also receive a 50% reduction on the bill. Consequently, it is crucial for you to utilise TNEB Aadhar’s benefits soon.

What’s Update for TNEB Aadhaar linking

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited has decided that linking Aadhaar to the service number is now required for all customers. The first 100 units of power are free under the TNEB Aadhaar linking Update, and a 50% discount is given for using less than 500 units of electricity each month. Accordingly, a benefit of TANGEDCO Link Aadhar Card will be that it will lessen electricity theft.

We also want to make it clear that tenants are not required to participate in this TNEB Aadhaar linking Update process; it is just for landlords. The tenants have no authority to intervene in this arrangement, which will only directly benefit the home’s owners. You must quickly adopt this procedure if you wish to prevent disconnecting.

Owner or Tenant of TANGEDCO Aadhar Link

  • Many are still worried and uncertain as to who will ultimately own or lease the TANGEDCO Aadhar Link.
  • It is crucial to inform everyone that only owners are required to link their Aadhar numbers to their TNEB service numbers.
  • Linking the Aadhaar number to the service number is the property owner’s duty, not the tenant’s.
  • However, the benefits are just for the owners, and tenants have no claim to them.
  • To avoid being cut off, make sure to complete the process prior to the Deadline outlined above.


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Important FAQs of TNEB Aadhar Linking!

1. What is the deadline for the TNEB Aadhar Link?
The TNEB Aadhar Link Process must be finished by all customers by the end of the month of December.

2. How to Check the Status of the TANGEDCO Aadhar Link?
Through the aforementioned website, you can check the status of the TANGEDCO Aadhaar Link.

3. What information is necessary for TANGEDCO Aadhar Link?
Some of the fundamental paperwork needed for TNEB Aadhar Link includes the service number, Aadhar Card photo, and service number.

4. What advantages can TNEB Aadhaar Link offer?
People have a right to receive 100 free units each month and a 50% discount on their payment (Less than 500 Units).

5. What is the Contact details or helpline number of TANGEDCO TNEB?
The official toll-free number to call to speak with TNEB officials about any issues is 94987-94987.

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